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Caught August 21, 2008

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So it finally happened. Daughter (age 3) found the Barbie doll I use to make crocheted doll clothes. I’ve done a good job of hiding it, but she was in my room when I was cleaning up and she spotted it.

Daughter: Oh, Mommy! Whose is this dolly?

Me: It’s mine.

D: Can I have it?

M: No, baby, I need it to make clothes for it.

D: Oh. When you’re done making clothes for it, then can I have it?

M: No, that’s mommy’s dolly.

So today, as a reward for her good behavior during Son’s speech therapy evaluation, we went to Walmart and got her a Barbie. And yes- it is a Barbie, not just an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll.

Random Thought of the Day: Aren’t trademarks interesting? Everyone says fashion doll because they can’t say Barbie. The folks on food tv have to say zip top bag instead of ziplock bag. Sewing patterns say “hook and loop tape” instead of velcro.


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