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Amusing Crochet Lingo August 29, 2008

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Some of my favorite crochet jargon:

yarn barf – the big bunch of yarn that pops out when you try to find the inside end on a skein. saw this term in a Crochet Today article by Robyn Chachula.

frog – to rip out a project. b/c you “rip it, rip it”. it was hilarious the first time I heard the reason behind the term

gauge over 4″ square – you actually expect me to make a swatch that big before the project even starts?!?! LOL. okay….it’s a necessary evil and I do it.

hooker – a crocheter.

UFO – unfinished object. a lot of unfinished objects are difficult to identify too.

Yarn of the Day: Red Heart Zoomy – it’s soft, super bulky so it works up quickly, but not extremely fuzzy like other bulky yarns.


2 Responses to “Amusing Crochet Lingo”

  1. trika Says:

    Thank you! 🙂 I found your blog today when I was looking for the definition of ‘frog’ as it relates to crochet. When I googled crochet and frog, I mostly found patterns. And I love the term ‘yarn barf’! LOL.

    I think I may visit from time to time.

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