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Procrastinating Proposals December 31, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Lindsey Stephens @ 4:56 am

So I’ve got 7 or so project proposals that I need to work on and the energy to do absolutely none of them. Vacationing really takes it out of me. The one nice thing though is that I was able to visit the Knitting Nest in Austin, TX and pick up some cool new yarns. I’m hoping to get these proposals cranked out soon.

My proposals basically consist of three parts:

1. Swatch- This part takes me the longest. It doesn’t help that some of my ideas are involved and require really large swatches to show all the details. I literally can end up spending 5 or more hours on a swatch.

2. Drawings/Schematic – Not all submissions require this, but sometimes it helps me really get my idea across.

3. Additional Project Info – This part is the quickest for me. Throw in measurements, materials, and a little bit about why I think the project is great.


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