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Trying 2 Needles May 14, 2009

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Thanks to the lovely ladies in my Monday night knit and crochet group, I’ve decided to try knitting again. I tried to teach myself several years ago, but it just never clicked. I caught on to crochet and never looked back. Well, with much practice I’m getting the hang of this 2 needles thing. Here are some tips I found helpful for learning to knit:

1. If you find knitting needles to be unwieldy, try knitting with circular needles. Many people find them more comfortable to hold, even for back and forth knitting.

2. If you are having trouble getting your needle into stitches, loosen up your tension on the yarn.

3. Don’t be too critical of your work as you go. Blocking fixes many ills. Besides sometimes you have to work several inches before you see the pattern come to life.


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